Sunday, November 30, 2008

latest vogue shawls


Colourful shawl( RM 20)~easy to wear,,comeyyy~code :VT 22

colourful shawl nie dah hbs stock dah:)

sweet purple shawl(RM 18)~cantik,licin sikit tapi easy to wear~
code:VT 23:SOLD

yg nie also VT 23~sweet sgt shawl nie~SOLD

lovely scarf

grey flowers scarf(RM 10)~bidang biase~cantik~code:VT 19:SOLD!

orange flowers scarf(RM 10)~bidang biase~cantik~code:VT 20 ~SOLD

purple pink scarf(RM 10)~sgt sweet,bidang biase~code:VT 21

orange flowers and grey flowers~

latest vogue shawls

soft cream shawl(RM 18)~senang nk pakai,very nice~VT 16(SOLD)

lovely pink(RM 18)~soft pink,cantik~VT 17:SOLD!

soft orange shawl(RM 18)~flowers yg cantik,senang nak pakai,kain tak jarang~ VT 18 (SOLD)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

contoh gambar2 batik

rm160(soft pink)

rm160(soft purple)

rm160(soft yellow)

contoh gambar2 batik

rm180(mix color)

rm160(cream color)

rm160(soft grey color)

vogue batik

Dear valued customers,

in order to expand out our business, kami juga menjual batik2 at reasonable price..corak batik akan berubah everyweek as corak batik dilukis....various type of batik available at different price...kain sgt best utk dipakai..we will upload contoh gambar2 batik and corak2 might not be same as in the pictures but u can request the colour u want dear=)thanks for ur support...


dear customers and visitors of voguetwins,
there are pc-desktop for sell:
  • only rm500 each
  • software AMD,brand new(fully spec will be informed later)
  • for further information,please contact zafran at 013-5563366/0178371035
  • only 70 units available=)
  • in u are interested,dont hesitate to contact us..=)


Baby blue blouse(RM20)~size 36(kami bole pakai blouse nie),kain x panas,xjarang~code:VT 16:AVAILABLE

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

vague shawls3

grey flowers scarf(RM 15)~bidang 48~from mumbai~nice~code:VT 11:AVAILABLE

vogue red shawl(RM 20)~easy to shape,cun,x jarang,size as usual shawl~code:VT 12 :SOLD

beautiful mix purplish shawl(RM 25)~cantik bangat,easy to wear,x jarang~code:VT 13:SOLD!!

mix orange shawl(RM 25)~cantik,easy to shape,xjarang~code:VT 14:AVAILABLE

mix dark orange shawl(RM25)~easy to shape,elegant~code:VT 15: AVAILABLE

vogue shawls2

painted pink (RM 23)~senang dipakai,xjarang,cantik~code:VT 06:SOLD!!

mix colour(RM 25)~fashionable,senang dipakai,xjarang~code:VT 07:AVAILABLE

painted blue(RM 23)~cantik,xjarang,easy to shape~code:VT 08:AVAILABLE

sparkling peach(RM 23)~gorgeoues,easy to wear,xjarang~code:VT 09:AVAILABLE

vague flowers(RM 25)~cantik,easy to wear,cun,xjarang~code:VT 10:SOLD

vogue shawls

Publish Post
painted brown (RM 20)~senang dipakai and tak jarang~code:VT 01:SOLD!!

painted green (RM 20)~senang dipakai and tak jarang~code:VT 02: SOLD!!

green flowers (RM 25)~senang dipakai n tak jarang~code:VT 03:SOLD!!

orange flowers (RM 20)~senang dipakai and tak jarang~code:VT 04:AVAILABLE

soft cream (RM 23)~senang dipakai and tak jarang~code:VT 05:


welcome to VogueTwins...
Hello gurls out there~ vogue gurlz, vogue-to-be person, fashionable, or even simple gurls ( sumtimes simple is better rite?..hehe) , we were very pleased to present our first online boutique, so called “VogueTwins online shop” …For those who are enthusiast and obsess towards all kinds of vogue item, yessss definitely this online shop is meant for u.. ur satisfaction is our happiness….here, there’re various items such as shawls ( lovely yet sweet..yg penting tak jarang), blouse ( very comfort materials) , and also other items( brooch,etc) that u can purchase at a reasonable price..we’ll update later with more variety of vogue items ,so stick with us, make ur own choice and we’ll ensure dat u’ll not regret~ As we emphasized before, ur satisfaction is our happiness,..(^.^)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome to VogueTwins Online Shop:)

welcome to VogueTwins online shop..we are selling vogue items specially to all gurls out there,,,all of the items are selling at the reasonable price and u will not regret by buying all of our items at this online we are new in this field,,we want to apologize for all the inconvenient and hopefully u guys will feel comfortable visiting and shopping at voguetwins online shop:)most welcome to all of u...:)