Friday, January 23, 2009

latest updated of our shawls:)

Dear customers,
voguetwins online shop updated with new hot shawls with reasonable price..
colourful shawl is back according to many request...=)
pilih2 ye mane yg berkenan di hati and do contact me ye:)

hot shawls

vogue shawls

VT 35:black white flower,easy to wear:RM20
status:SOLD to sue

VT 36:green flower,easy to wear:RM20
status :SOLD to nad

VT 37:black blue flower,easy to wear:RM20
status:SOLD to yaya

VT38:beauty flowers,easy to wear

rainbow shawls,,,cantik:)
VT 39

vogue shawls

VT41:maroon white flower,easy to wear:RM17
status : SOLD TO KAK NOR

VT 42(only 1 piece available)~orange~AVAILABLE
VT -pink-(only 1 piece available)~SOLD
VT 44(only 1 piece available)~soft turqoise~SOLD
VT 45-green-(only 1 piece available)~SOLD
RM 20 only

colourful shawls

colourful shawls

Friday, January 2, 2009

new shawls

vogue shawls=)

yg nie VT 31=)

VT 34:gorgeous black red,viscose,cantik:)
only one piece available:RM 16

Dear customers,we are back again with variety of shawls specially for all u..make ur choice now=)

yang pink dah sold out..only 2 pieces and blue..cantik=)

VT 29:black,senang nak wear=)
only RM 12!!:available
only 1 piece!
status : SOLD

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VT 30:blue,senang nak wear=)
only RM 12!!:available only 1 piece

new shawls

variety of vogue shawls with reasonable price....=)VT 31: white purple..senang nk nice=)
RM 15 only

VT 32: white purplish..senang nk nice=)
RM15 only
status:booked by nad

VT 33:senang white..cantik..
RM 15 only
status:booked by nad